A3 - Policy Dissemination, Administration & Review

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policy


SECTION:     POLICY MAINTENANCE                                                              CODE A3 



It is the policy of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Board to disseminate its policies broadly to all community members, to administer them fairly and to assure that there is regular periodic review of the District’s policies.


Following  the adoption of policies by the Board, the Superintendent will publish and make them available to the public, students, and school personnel.


A copy of the District policy manual will be available during the normal working day in the office and/or library of each school within the District. The student handbook will include Board policies related to student activities and conduct. The teacher handbook will include Board policies related to teachers' responsibilities.


The Superintendent will develop other appropriate methods to familiarize and educate the school and general community about the District’s policies.


Administration Policies will be administered through procedures and directives of the Superintendent of schools and members of the management team.


It will be the responsibility of employees and students to know and follow Board policy.


Policy Review All policies will be reviewed periodically and, if necessary or appropriate, revised or repealed in response to changing legislation or other altered circumstances.


Date Warned:                       April, 2008

Date Adopted:                      April, 2008

Legal Reference(s):             16 V.S.A. §563 (1) (Powers of school boards)

1 V.S.A. §316 (Access to records)

Cross Reference:                  The Role of Policy (A1)

Policy Development and Adoption (A2)