B1 - Board Member Education

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policies


SECTION:     BOARD MEMBERSHIP                                                                 CODE B1 




It is the policy of the school boards of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union to encourage and support board members’ efforts to remain knowledgeable about their roles and the issues with which they deal.


Individual board members are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to understand their roles, educational issues in general, school programs, State Department of Education functions and legislative activities. The Superintendent and the individual board Chairs will be responsible for assuring that information on leadership development opportunities is available to all members. New members will be provided opportunities designed to familiarize themselves with all aspects of board operation.


Members who take part in workshops and seminars offered by the Vermont School Boards Association and other organizations will be reimbursed for travel and other expenses related to participation in training activities provided prior approval is obtained from the board, and funds for these purposes are available.

Date Revised/Adopted:      April, 2008
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Cross Reference:                  Board Goal-Setting & Evaluation (B2)