C1 - Board Meeting Agenda Preparation and Distribution

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policies


SECTION:     BOARD PROCEDURES                                                                                    CODE C1 



It is the policy of the school boards of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union to assure that board meeting agendas are developed and distributed in a way that allows open access to the process.


Agenda Preparation
The Superintendent will prepare all agendas for meetings of the board after consultation with the board Chair. Items of business may be suggested by any board member, staff member, student, or citizen of the town school district. The inclusion of items will be at the discretion of the board Chair and Superintendent, unless a majority of the board votes to place an item on the board’s agenda. The agenda will include all items on which the board will take action and any proposed executive sessions including the reasons for such sessions.


Agenda Distribution The agenda, together with supporting materials, will be distributed to Board members by the Superintendent five days prior to regular meetings and as soon as practicable before special meetings.

Copies of the agenda will be posted in the office of each school in the District and in the Town Clerk’s office and a third place in Town accessible to community members. Upon request, the press, school staff, students, community members and concerned persons will be provided with copies of the agenda in advance of regular or special meetings.

In all instances, the Superintendent and Board will adhere to the provisions of 1 V.S.A. §312 regarding notice and agenda distribution.


Date Revised/Adopted:    April, 2008
Legal Reference(s):          V.S.A. §§310 et seq. (Public meetings)
Cross Reference:              Board Meetings (C2)

                                         Public Participation at Board Meetings (C3)