C5 - Board Relations with School Personnel

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policies


SECTION:     BOARD PROCEDURES                                                                        CODE C5



It is the policy of school boards of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union
 to encourage school board member interactions with school personnel while respecting appropriate reporting relationships. 


At School Board Meetings
The board will request the superintendent to invite school personnel to school board meetings regularly to discuss student achievement relative to their programs.

Relations with Administrators
The superintendent will develop guidelines for board relations with principals and other administrators. Guidelines for board relations with principals should take into account:

  1. The responsibility of the superintendent to direct the administration and coordination of educational programs in the District;
  2. The periodic need of board members for information most readily available from school principals and/or other administrators; and
  3. The need to maintain a distinction between the administrative role of the principal and/or other administrators and the policy making role of the board.

Relations with other School Staff

  1. Individual board members will communicate with staff members on matters of school business only at the direction of the board as a whole.
  2. Staff participation in the development of educational and personnel policies will be encouraged by the board and facilitated by the superintendent.
  3. Board members will adhere to procedures required by board policy and Vermont law related to collective bargaining and teacher evaluation.




Date Revised/Adopted:      April, 2008

Legal Reference(s):            16 V.S.A. §§1981 et seq. (Labor Relations)

                                           16 V.S.A. §§1751 et seq. (Contracts, etc.)

                                          16 V.S.A. §§243 et seq. (Principals)

                                          21 V.S.A. §§1721 et seq. (Municipal Labor Act)

Cross Reference:              Personnel: Recruitment, Selection, Appointment and Criminal Records Checks (D1)

                                         Staff Development (D2)