Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policy


SECTION:       STUDENTS                                                                                                    CODE F10




The school will maintain a student activity program appropriate to the maturity of students and as varied as staff and facilities permit. The program will be designed to offer for the greatest number of students worthwhile leisure time interests, wholesome recreational and social activity, and opportunities to develop skills in democratic and cooperative management for these activities.


The following criteria for eligibility for participation in school sponsored activities are intended to set standards for eligibility.

  1. Students should be in good disciplinary standing as determined by the Principal.
  2. Students should be in regular attendance and should be in attendance on the day of the activity unless excused by the Principal.

The Board will approve new requests for co-curricular activity sponsorship based on the following considerations.

  1. The level of student interest in the activity;
  2. The fiscal ramifications of sponsorship;
  3. The availability of qualified personnel to supervise the activity;
  4. The potential of the activity to help participating students meet the goals of the school's curriculum; and
  5. The recommendation of the Superintendent or Principal.

All school sponsored activities will be under the ultimate control of the School District and will comply with all policies and procedures of the school.


Date Adopted:

June, 2007

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Cross Reference:

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