F12 - Interscholastic Sports (Secondary)

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policy


SECTION:     STUDENTS                                                                       CODE F12




It is the policy of the school board to provide an interscholastic athletic program for boys and girls to complement and supplement their educational programs. All school sponsored activities will be under the ultimate control of the school and will comply with all policies and related school procedures.


Athletic programs should meet the following criteria:

  1. Programs should provide a wide basis of participation in both team and individual sports in interscholastic competition.
  2. Programs should provide athletic facilities and opportunities for participation on an equal basis for girls and boys.
  3. Programs should employ qualified personnel in coaching and supervision positions.
  4. Programs should stress the educational as well as recreational benefits derived from participation in interscholastic sports.
  5. Programs should conform fully with the rules and regulations of the Vermont Principals’ Association.

Determinations regarding  proposed individual activities to be included in the school athletic program will be made by specific Board action and based on the following considerations:

  1.  the level of student interest in participating in an activity;
  2.  the level of community interest in an activity;
  3.  the impact of adding or eliminating an activity on the balance of opportunities for girls and boys to participate in the total athletic program;
  4.  the potential of the activity to remain competitive with other participating schools;
  5.  the availability of qualified personnel to coach and supervise the activity; and


Eligibility Criteria
The criteria for eligibility and participation in interscholastic sports are outlined in the VUMS/HS Athletic/Extracurricular Handbook. Students are also required to meet the eligibility criteria as set forth in the guidelines of the Vermont Principals’ Association.



DateRevised/Adopted:        June, 2008

Legal Reference(s):

16 V.S.A. §§1073 et seq. (Legal pupils)


16 V.S.A. §563(24) (Participation of home study students)

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