F15 - Student Publications

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policy


SECTION:     STUDENTS                                                                     CODE F15


Title:               STUDENT PUBLICATIONS


It is the policy of school boards of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union to support and encourage student publications as part of the school curriculum while exercising its responsibility to reasonably regulate content and style.


Official school publications are those produced by students in the journalism or writing classes, the school newspaper, yearbook or other similar publications and are distributed to the student body either free or for a fee. Such publications are an integral part of the school curriculum, and are not intended to be public forums. The value of school publications is in teaching journalism, English, writing, and other skills.


Official school publications may include topics about which there may be dissent and controversy. School sponsored activities must teach the importance of balance, fairness and accuracy, and produce and distribute student materials which are suited to the maturity of students as a whole.


The Principal or designee shall develop a written school publications code which will include:

  1. A statement of purpose of school publications.
  2. Responsibilities of official school publications advisors and student editors.
  3. The time, place and manner of production and distribution activities.
  4. Procedures for resolving editorial differences.


Date Revised/Adopted: June, 2008 

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