F2 - Bus Discipline

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policy


SECTION:       STUDENTS                                                                                CODE F2



It is the policy of the school boards of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union  to provide a safe environment on school buses transporting students to and from school and school activities.


In all circumstances, the boards consider student transportation to be a privilege, not a right


Administrative Responsibility
Behavior expectations for all students will be established by the administration and posted on all buses. Copies will be distributed to all students and their parent(s)/guardian(s).


Maintaining appropriate student behavior on the bus is a primary responsibility of the driver. Disciplining students for misbehavior is the primary responsibility of the Principal.


All misbehavior will be reported by the driver, in writing, immediately to the school Principal.

Parents will be notified by the Principal when any disciplinary action is taken due to inappropriate bus behavior.


Date Adopted:

June, 2007

Legal Reference(s):

16 V.S.A. §1221 (Transportation of students)


16 V.S.A. §1161a (Discipline)


16 V.S.A. §1162 (Suspension and expulsion)

Cross Reference:

Transportation (F9)


Student Conduct and Discipline (F1)