F23 - Participation of Home Study Students in School Programs & Activities

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policy


SECTION:           STUDENTS                                                                                   CODE: F23


                             AND ACTIVITIES

The school boards of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union recognize that home study and fully enrolled students can benefit from participating together in school activities and programs and, therefore, strive to provide educational services in ways which are consistent with the needs of both.


In accordance with Act 119 of the 1998 Vermont legislative session, it is the policy of the school boards of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union to encourage home study students to participate in courses, programs, activities, and services and to use school educational materials and equipment subject to the conditions of this policy.

General Guidelines for Home Study Student Participation

  1. Special Services: Special education services are available to all students found eligible under criteria set forth in state and federal regulations.
  2. Compliance with Procedures: All students will comply with the application and enrollment deadlines as well as all legal and policy requirements such as residency, immunization and the provision of student information as outlined in the administrative procedures. All students must abide by rules of conduct and other conditions as set forth in student and athletic handbooks, school policies and procedures.
  3. Supervision of Students: School personnel are responsible for supervising students during their approved participation in school- sponsored activities. Parents of home study students must provide supervision for their children when they are at school but not participating formally in school activities.
  4. Transportation: Home study students may participate in the regular school transportation arrangements to attend school programs in which they are enrolled. The school will not supply special transportation except as provided for in law.

Participation of Home Study Students in Programs and Activities Shall Be Subject to the Following Conditions:

  1. Home study students must supply to the school a copy of their formal home study enrollment notification from the Commissioner of Education.
  2. All students are subject to the same age, performance, and prerequisite standards for admission to courses and co-curricular activities.
  3. Home study students seeking admission to courses requiring prerequisites will be asked to demonstrate academic achievement comparable to that required of fully enrolled students meeting prerequisite standards. The teacher/guidance counselor/Principal will discuss alternative ways to demonstrate achievement with the parents of home study students. Final determination of a student’s qualifications to enroll in a course requiring prerequisites will be made by the teacher/guidance counselor/Principal.
  4. Participation in athletic and other extra-curricular programs and activities will be in compliance with the school’s eligibility requirements as well as with the guidelines adopted by the Vermont Principals’ Association.
  5. Home study students may participate in the school’s local assessment program at the regularly scheduled times after giving appropriate notice to the school.

Use of Facilities, Equipment and Materials by Home Study Students Is Subject to the Following Conditions:

  1. The use by home study students does not interrupt or disrupt regularly scheduled uses.
  2. Request for use has been made and approved according to the administrative procedures that apply to all requests for such use.
  3. The use does not involve removal of equipment from the school premises except as explicitly allowed.
  4. Library books and other materials are signed out according to established procedures and are subject to replacement or fines for damage or loss as defined in the administrative procedures.

School Administration

The school will include home study students on the school register and count them for the purpose of state aid for the portion of the school day in which students are enrolled in academic courses. For each co-curricular activity in which a non-enrolled home study student participates, the school shall count 0.03 FTE as allowed under rule 9200.3.1.

When choices for admission to either academic or co-curricular programs must be made because of limited space, the School District will report to the Commissioner of Education on the form provided. The District shall provide other information on the integration of home study students into the public school as requested by the Commissioner. The Principal (or designee) is responsible for administering this policy and for all decisions made under the direction of this policy. The Principal will act on all requests within 10 working days of receiving the request.


Appeals Process
Should a parent disagree or have concerns with the Principal’s decision, an appeal may be made to the Superintendent of Schools. Within ten working days of receiving an appeal, the Superintendent shall meet with the parent(s) or guardian(s) and make a decision on the appeal in a prompt fashion. A final appeal from the Superintendent’s decision may be made to the School Board which will schedule a timely hearing and render a final decision within ten working days of the hearing date.

Date Adopted:                 October, 2006

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Cross Reference:

Policy Dissemination, Administration & Review (A3)