F9 - Transportation

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Policy


SECTION:       STUDENTS                                                                                           CODE F9




The school boards of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union (the District) will furnish transportation to students who reside within the District.


The Board will establish routes and designate stops after considering both the safety of children and efficiency of operation. The following non-exclusive list of factors will be considered when determining routes and stops.

  1. The presence or absence of sidewalks or paths off the highway.
  2. Width, condition and class of highways, including curves, hills, intersections, turn-arounds, and seasonal road conditions.
  3. Density and speed of traffic.
  4. Proximity of dwellings, factories, or industrial areas.
  5. Physical nature of any area such as presence of woods, ravines, or gravel pits.
  6. The number of children required to congregate at any designated stop, and supervision available at any designated stop.
  7. Health or physical impairment of students being transported.
  8. Distance traveled on a single route, and the length of time spent on a bus by any given student going to or returning from school.
  9. Age and maturity of students transported.

Student transportation routes, schedules and procedures are determined annually by the Board with the assistance of the administration and may be modified, if necessary, during the school year.

Date Adopted:                   November, 2006 

Legal Reference(s):

16 V.S.A. §§1221, 1222 (Student transportation)


16 V.S.A. §1551 (Technical center transport)

Cross Reference:

Bus Discipline (F2)