Table of Contents


 Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Local Standards Board Plan of Operation


Section I

Board Operations



I.                  Purpose

II.               Establishment and Maintenance

III.            Board Operations

a.                     Statement of Philosophy

b.                    Statement of Board Responsibilities

c.                    Membership Composition

d.                    Membership Selection

e.                    Terms of Office

f.                      Officers

g.                    Duties and Responsibilities of Officers and Members

h.                    Documents and Records

i.                       Approval of the Plan of Operation

j.                       Amendment of the Plan of Operation

k.                   Volunteer Service


Section II

Board Operating Procedures and Requirements of Educators

Served by the ANWSU Standards Board


I.                  Purpose

II.               Meetings

III.            Procedures for Decisions

IV.           IPDP Requirements and Approval Processes

V.              Professional Development Activities

VI.           Re-licensure Portfolio

VII.        Reconsideration and Appeal Procedures






Appendix A           Agreements of Support


Appendix B           Educator Responsibilities


Appendix C           The Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators


Appendix D           Principles Behind the Vermont Re-Licensure Process


Appendix E           Roberts Rule of Order Excerpt


Appendix F           Website Resources


Appendix G          Endorsement Codes

                                      New Codes

                                      Replacement of Old Codes


Appendix H           Endorsements Requiring Additional Certification


Appendix I            National Board of Certified Teachers

                                      VSBPE Policy H5 Portfolio

                                      Endorsement Equivalents


Appendix J            Policies of VSBPE

D1  and D2 Handbook

D3  Who Uses RSB

D4  Approval of Plan of Operation

D5  Renewal of Licenses of Educators on Sabbatical or

       Leaves of Absence

E1  Financial Grants

F8  NRC Licensure

H1  Credit Requirements for Renewal

H2  Denial of Re-licensure by LSB/RSBs

H3  Use of Professional Development Credits in Next 

       Licensure Cycle

H4  Credits for Professional Development

I1    Lapsed Licenses





Appendix K           IPDP and Portfolio Regulations


Appendix L           Forms


Appendix M          Five Standards for Vermont Educators (PDF)


Appendix N           Vermont Licensing Regulations