Appendix A

Agreement of Support

The Superintendent of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union shall be responsible for facilitating and supporting the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Local Standards Board with the following supports:

  • Provide an updated list of educators employed in the district or supervisory union, including level(s), endorsement(s), expiration date(s), under which the educator is working within the district on a yearly basis.
  • Provide yearly copies of school/district initiatives and action plans to the LSB to use as reference tools.
  • Provide time for LSB presentations at staff development (in-service) meetings.
  • Provide a central place for the LSB to meet.
  • Provide time /space for workshops given by LSB members for IPDP and portfolio development.
  • Provide oversight of grant monies awarded to the LSB by the DOE.
  • Provide filing space at the central office for the LSB to store records.
  • Provide district/supervisory union clerical/secretarial support to the LSB.
  • Provide access to electronic communication via e-mail and district website page to the LSB.
  • Provide for use of copy machines by the LSB at school and district level.
  • Provide postage/telephone at school and district level.
  • Provide LSB members time at individual school faculty meetings to discuss relicensing procedures.
  • Provide moral support and recognition of work by the LSB members.

The Supervisory Union may if able:

  • Provide LSB members release time and substitute coverage during the school day when requested to attend LSB meetings.
  • Provide stipends for LSB members.
  • Provide reimbursement of licensing fee(s) for LSB members who have at least four years of concurrent service.
  • Provide any other service that becomes necessary for the LSB to function.

Date: ____________________________

____________________________Superintendent of Schools, 

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union