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Portfolio Planning Sheet GOAL 1 2 3

Please attach your goal and your reflections on that goal to this sheet. Make sure that the following requirements indicated below are included in your reflection, as well as the impact of your professional development upon your practice. The chart in Section One should match the chart on your IPDP Goal sheet.


Learning Professional Knowledge Colleagueship Advocacy Accountability
Principle 1 Principles 2 –10 Which? Principle 11 Principle 12 Principles 13 – 16 Which?

SECTION TWO Include documentation in the form of artifacts in your portfolio.

Artifact(s) 1 Artifact(s) 2 Artifact(s) 3 Artifact(s) 4 Artifact(s) 5 Artifact(s) 6
Standard One
Standard Two
Standard Three
Standard Four
Standard Five
School Action Plan
Endorsement Competencies
Student learning/data pre post