ATTN: Vergennes Union High School graduates born between 1998-1999 and who received Special Education services.

   The Vermont Department of Education’s State Board of Education Manual of Rights and Practices, Section 2365, 2.13(a) Destruction of Information, State:

    “For purposes of an audit, when a participating agency has counted a child to justify receipt of IDEA funds, the district shall retain copies of the child’s IEP and Special Education eligibility evaluations, for a minimum of five years from the end of the school year in which the document was in effect”

    If you were a graduate of Vergennes Union High School, received Special Education services, and were born between 1998-1999, you are entitled to a copy of your records. These students have reached the age of maturity; therefore, only the student may request their record.

    The Addison Northwest School District will be destroying these records on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. If you wish a copy of your records please contact Rachel Cornellier at [email protected] or 802-877-3332.

   We must receive your request prior to June 15, 2022.



We envision a kind, collaborative, and creative community for all that nurtures a diverse and accessible learning environment. Students will flourish as critical thinkers and productive citizens, cultivating resilience in an ever-changing world.                                                                     April 26, 2017 Board adopted; reaffirmed June 14, 2021


ANWSD Board Statement Reaffirming its Commitment to Safe, Civil, and Anti-Racist Schools

The Superintendent and Directors of the Addison Northwest School District wish to reassure the members of our educational community in these uncertain times. We remain committed to maintaining safe and welcoming schools regardless of race, gender, disability, national origin, documentation, religion, sexual orientation, political orientation, or family income. In addition to compliance with the law, we also have a moral and ethical duty to protect all who pass through the doors of our schools and to provide our students with an equitable education.

The Board emphatically endorses and supports a learning environment and shared community void of hate, bias, bigotry, and racism. We condemn white supremacy and unequivocally believe that Black lives matter. We charge the members of the ANWSD community with creating a safe, civil, and kind learning environment. Everyone -- parents, students, staff, board members, community members -- must take seriously the need to speak openly against hate of all kinds. We will recognize, respond to, and redress bias and inequities in our systems, policies, and practices. We will create and sustain an equitable learning environment in which we treat one another with respect and dignity. We can each lead through example, and with this statement the ANWSD Board hereby reaffirms its commitment to providing an equitable, just, and inclusive learning environment for all students.                      December 14, 2020 Board adopted

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