Superintendent Update August 21, 2020

Teachers have started the transition back to the buildings and in less than three weeks we will be welcoming our students back to school!  We will be using the first four to six weeks of school to learn the routines in our cohort hybrid model with new COVID expectations and procedures.  During this time we will be evaluating our ability to phase in a return to full in-person instruction for students in kindergarten through grade six. 


Following guidance from the Vermont Agency of Education and Vermont Department of Health, and in collaboration with other districts in the Champlain Valley Superintendent’s Association (CVSA) we will monitor our success and make a determination on how best to proceed.  With the current low numbers of COVID-19 cases in our area, we believe transitioning to full in-person learning may be possible.  A phased approach will allow schools to minimize risk and develop new routines. Full remote learning will still be offered for families who wish to choose that option. 


This planned phased approach will only be attainable if the spread of the virus can remain contained and the guidance from the Agency of Education and the Department of Health does not change.


Criteria we will be using to evaluate our ability to make the transition include: 


  • Sufficient staffing levels to follow health/safety procedures and meet the needs of students

  • No or low COVID-19 activity in our communities

  • Ability to maintain compliance with the guidance from VDH/AOE

  • New routines are efficient, effective, assessed and adjusted to meet the needs

  • Vermont Department of Health guidance and data supports an increase to full in-person instruction 


Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer vacation. We look forward to welcoming your students back to school soon. 

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