Update on Lead Communication

This communication summarizes relevant information regarding the recent lead testing results in all ANWSD schools.  Please note- while we tested on time many months ago, we are only now getting results. Rest assured,  issues were immediately addressed and communication went out to families within a day of receiving notification using a template provided by the DOH for this purpose. The issues have been addressed using short-term mitigation measures and we will continue to monitor the situation if or when longer-term solutions are required.  It is important to note there are NO drinking fountains or water bottle filling stations that tested positive in operation at any location at this time. The fixtures testing positive are fixtures that are not typically used for consumption. These range from hand washing sinks to science lab sinks. As I said above, these are all mitigated with signage or isolated accordingly with plumbing valves OFF?. ?
From Ken Sullivan, Director of Buildings, Grounds and Safety:
  • Lead test sample bottles and surveys were sent to ANWSD for all four Schools at the same time? in Feb 2020?.
  • We immediately followed the instructions taking (First Draw and Flush Draw) samples for all four Schools.
  • We completed this process by March 4, 2020 and hand-delivered all samples to the DOH Lab in Colchester on March 5th. 
  • Department of Health sent an email confirmation that ? testing was completed by the DOH Labs somewhere between July 20th through 30th.

?We received the results for Schools in this order and on or around these dates.
  • V?U?ES- Sept 1, 2020 - In which all positive test fixtures were mitigated by isolation or signage as directed by the VT ANR.
  • V?U?ES- Faucets that tested positive have been replaced and we await the retest bottles at this time. All signage still remains in place at these specific locations.
  • AWE (Addison Central)- Sept 28, 2020 - The same reaction was completed as at V?U?ES immediately upon results being received.
  • FCS- November 16, 2020 - The same mitigation was completed immediately upon receipt of the results. Replacement valves and plumbing staff availability has kept us from replacing these at this time.? ?The replacement valves are finally here, and scheduled to be done over February break.
  • V?U?HS- January 26, 2021 - The same mitigation was completed immediately upon receipt of the results. We are currently looking for 28 faucets or considering our options to eliminate some if they are not being used. The process of procurement of the faucets and their availability with COVID has been difficult. We plan to change as many as possible over the February break.

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