Board Policies & Procedures

Addison Northwest School District Policy


A1    Board Member Conflict of Interest
A20 Board Meetings, Agenda Presentation and Distribution
A21 Public Participation at Board Meetings
A22 Notice of Non-Discrimination
A23 Community Engagement and Vision
A24 Board/Superintendent Relationship
A30 Role and Adoption of School Board Policies


B1 Substitute Teachers 
B2 Volunteers and Work Study Students 
B3 Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
B4 Drug & Alcohol Testing of Transportation Employees
B5 Prevention of Employee Harassment
B8 Electronic Communications between Employees & Students
B20 Personnel Recruitment, Selection, Appointment and Criminal Record Checks
B21 Professional Development
B22 Public Complaints about Personnel
B30  Staffing and Job Descriptions 
B31 Educator Supervision and Evaluation


C1 Student Records 
C2 Student Drugs and Alcohol 
C3 Transportation
C4 English Learners
C5 Firearms
C6 Home Study Students
C7 Student Attendance
C8 Pupil Privacy Rights
C9 Wellness Policy
C10  Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying Policy 
C11  Student Freedom of Expression in School-Sponsored Media
C12 Prevention of Sexual Harassment as Prohibited by Title IX
C13 Homeless Students
C14 Section 504 and ADA Grievance Protocol for Students and Staff
C20 Student Conduct and Discipline
C21 Search and Seizure of Students by School Personnel
C22 Student Activities (Elementary)
C23 Student Clubs and Activities (Secondary)
C24 Interscholastic Sports
C25 Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students
C27 Student Self-Expression and Student Distribution of Literature
C28 Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students
C29 District Equity Policy
C40 Intra-District Elementary School Transfer 
C41  Intra-District Elementary School Choice 
C70 Restraint and Seclusion    


D1 Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGR) 
D3 Responsible Computer, Network and Internet Use
D4 Title I Comparability Policy
D5 Animal Dissection
D6 Class Size
D7 Special Education
D20 Curriculum Development and Coordination
D21 Educational Support System
D22 Selection of Library Materials


E1 Title I, Part A Parental Involvement Policy 
E20 Community Use of School Facilities
E21 Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Literature in the Schools


F1 Travel Reimbursement 
F2 Nondiscriminatory Mascots & School Branding
F20 Fiscal Management and General Accountability
F21 Financial Reports and Statements
F22 Electronic Communications Use and Retention
F27 Communicable Disease Mitigation Measures for Students and Staff
F30 Budgeting
F32  School Crisis Prevention and Response 
F40 Tobacco Prohibition
F41 Bids, Contracts and Purchases
F42 Capitalization of Assets
F43  Video Security Cameras 
F44 Cash Handling
F45 Fund Balance Policy
F46 Investment Policy
F50  Record Retention



A22R Notice of Non-Discrimination Procedures
A24R ANWSD Superintendent Evaluation Procedure 
B2R Volunteers and Work Study Procedures
        Volunteer Agreement & Authorization Form
B5R Prevention of Employee Harassment Procedures
B20R Criminal and Abuse Registry Checks in VT Schools 
B30R Staffing and Job Descriptions 
B31R Teacher Supervision & Evaluation
C1R Notice of Rights Concerning Student Records
C2R & F40R Reporting and Responding to Violations Relating to Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drug Situations
C4R Limited English Proficiency Students
C5R Firearms Procedure
C6R Home Study Students Procedures
C7R Student Attendance Procedure 
        Attendance Flowchart
C8R Annual Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights    
       FERPA Agreement 
C9R  Condom Availability Program (CAP)
C10R Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying Procedures
C14R 504 Grievance Complaint Designated Persons
C20R Student Discipline Procedures 
C21R Search and Seizure Procedure 
C31R Kindergarten Age Requirement Waiver Procedure

Application for Early Entrance

C40R Intra-District Elementary Transfer Procedure
C41R Intra-District Elementary School Choice
C70R Rule 4500 Restraint & Seclusion
D1R Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements 
D3R Responsible Computer, Network and Internet Use Procedures
D4R Title One Comparability
         Title One Part A Carryover Monitoring Procedures
D5R Animal Dissection
D6R Class Size Materials - ANWSD Class Size Chart (Nov 2020)
D7R  VT Special Education Procedures and Practices Manual
D21R Educational Support Team (EST) Process
D22R  Selection of Library Materials
E1R Parent Compact 
E20R  Requesting Access to Facilities Community Use
F1R Mileage & Travel Reimbursement
F2R  Mascot and School Branding Complaint Form
F20R Federal Grant Cash Management Procedure
          Federal Grant Allowability of Cost Procedure
F22R Electronic Communication Procedure
F32R  School Crisis Prevention & Response Procedures
F41R  Federal Procurement Procedures
F42R  Management of Equipment
F43R Video Security Camera Review Request
F50R  Records Retention Procedures, Record Retention Chart, Record Retention HR Attachment
F51R  Student Activity Account Procedures 
Challenge Course Local Operating Procedures
Contracted Services During Non-Routine School Closure
Credit Card and Charge Account Procedure
Grant Expenditure Documentation Guidelines
Leave Time Requests and Reporting
Payroll During Non-Routine School Closure
Public Records & Documents Request Procedures (FOI)
Request to Use Service Animals in Schools
Requisition and Purchasing Procedures