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Health Services

ANWSD is dedicated to providing quality support for all students regarding health and wellness.

The Health Offices of ANWSD are staffed with full-time qualified RNs and LPNs. The nurses are available throughout the school day for routine health care, monitoring specific health conditions, and providing emergency care for the entire student population.

The nurses maintain state-mandated records, such as immunizations, and administer vision and hearing screenings. School nurses work closely with the Vermont Department of Health and local physicians’ offices to coordinate best practices.

ANWSD Nurses Directory

School Name Phone Email
FCS Jamie Bunde, BSN, RN 471-2366
VUES Shelby Sullivan, BSN, RN 471-2230

Jaime Wells, MSN, RN, Lead Nurse ANWSD


Jamie Bunde, FCS 

Shelby Sullivan, VUES

Jaime Wells, VUMHS & Lead Nurse ANWSD 

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