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AmeriGas Propane - Ohio Farm Bureau

School Days & Community Care Program

AmeriGas tallies up the total gallons tied to each customer registered for a specified school and pays 2¢ per gallon, up to $2,000 per year, at the end of the School Days Program. For example, if you have 100 AmeriGas customers using 500 gallons each during the year, your check would be $1,000. The more customers enrolled, the more you earn. In September, we’ll total the propane gallons delivered for all the customers enrolled for your school and send the check in the fall of 2022.

NEW for 2021/2022:  Any new-to-AmeriGas customer will earn you a 5x bonus reward* of 10¢ per gallon. This is in addition to the 2¢ per gallon they’ll contribute to the standard program and doesn't count against the $2,000 annual limit. New customers can sign up for service by calling (844) 711-3046 or visiting our website.


For AmeriGas customers associated with a school or organization to be counted, they must fill out this participant form using your school ID number of 673026181 and their account number (starts with 20). Customers only need to register once to be counted for the full program year and all years going forward. Customers must be registered by 8/31/22 to be counted for the 2021/2022 program cycle.