CODE: SB/F8Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators Policy on 

Northeast Regional Credential (NRC)

An educator holding this credential may be hired to serve in Vermont public schools for two (2) years. To continue teaching in Vermont the educator must qualify for and obtain an initial Vermont license where upon the educator becomes subject to the renewal provisions outlined in Section 5400 of the Licensing Regulations.

It is the responsibility of the teacher to be aware of and knowledgeable about the requirements for the initial regular certificate/license in the state in which one will be employed under the NRC. Those requirements must be satisfied at the time NRC terminates if one intends to continue service in the state in which you are employed under the NRC.

If an individual meets the state's requirements before the end of the two-year period a state license could be issued. The NRC is only valid for two (2) years and is not renewable. However, in the event that one is not employed during the regional credential's initial validity period, it may be reissued for an additional full-term to those who continue to hold a valid state certificate/license/endorsement.

The Northeast Regional Credential (NRC) is available, upon request, to anyone who holds at least an initial regular certificate in a particular field in any of the seven states. Issued pursuant to the Interstate Agreement on Qualification of Personnel, the NRC entitles you to be employed in the credential title(s) for a period not exceeding one year in the schools in Maine or two years in the schools of the following jurisdictions: Connecticut-1, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Vermont educators who seek a NRC must receive a recommendation from the Licensing Office. This recommendation denotes that the educator meets the minimum requirements agreed upon by the participants to the agreement. An NRC in a content area will be authorized only when one has a major in that area.

DATE ADOPTED: 10/30/92 


LEGAL REF: Lic. Regs: 5230, 5400


ANNOTATIONS/BRIEF HISTORY: VSBPE recommended that Commissioner sign the agreements VSBPE Policy Manuel Initial Licensure page 24 Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educator