1998 Licensing Regulations Guidelines for Developing IPDP and Relicensure Portfolio

(excerpted from The Guide for the Operation of Local and Regional Standards Boards, 2000)

1. What is an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)?

An IPDP is an outline of professional development goals that are directly related to the Five Standards for Vermont Educators. The intent of an IPDP is to improve practice and student learning and to guide each educator's professional development for the ensuing relicensure period. The goals and corresponding professional development activities must be designed to result in new learning and growth for the educator. A portion of the IPDP must be connected to the school's initiatives for improving student learning. An IPDP must be well-planned and thoughtfully implemented. (IV, F and Appendix A)

3. How does an educator develop an IPDP?

The following are some suggestions and resources for educators to use when developing an IPDP:

a. Develop appropriate professional development goals using the 1999 Five Standards for Vermont Educator; administrators should use the competencies for school administrators.

b. Consider how IPDP goals will improve individual practice as well as implementation of Vermont’s Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities.

c. Consider how IPDP goals connect to the school's initiatives for improving student learning.

d. Consult with colleagues, especially those in like disciplines or who teach the same grade level(s) and those who have similar expertise and knowledge, teaching style, educational background, and professional history.

e. Review formal evaluations and annual goals and discuss your educational needs and aspirations with other colleagues and supervisors. Goals developed for another purpose such as supervision or evaluation may also be incorporated into an IPDP.

f. Continue implementing and researching knowledge and skills acquired at meaningful conferences and workshops. Consult the LSB/RSB Plan of Operation for the list of nontraditional professional development activities available for professional development.

g. Draw inspiration from professional journals and other educational publications.

h. Ask students to complete course evaluations or surveys and review them for insights on teaching and needed expertise.

i. Discuss Individual Professional Development Plans with colleagues and get their ideas for implementing them.

4. What criteria does the LSB/RSB use to approve IPDPs?

An IPDP must include focused goals that:

  • Lead to improved practice and student learning;
  • Connect to each of the Five Standards for Vermont Educators;
  • Reflect each endorsement held;
  • Connect to the school’s/district’s initiatives for improving student learning; and
  • Lead to professional development activities that will promote new learning and growth for the educator, rather than focus merely on time and effort spent.

Relicensure Portfolio

3. What must be included in a Relicensure Portfolio? (1998 Regulations)

The relicensure portfolio must be presented in a clear and concise format. The physical presentation may be a 1-2 inch binder or an electronic or other suitable format.

VSBPE required components:

  • personal information – name, school, teaching or administrative context, year
  • completed State Department of Education License Renewal Form
  • table of contents
  • copy of current license and, if applicable, copies of any valid licenses or credentials required by the endorsement
  • completed IPDP and amendments
  • evidence of a minimum of 9 relicensing credits in subject areas related to each endorsement and to the IPDP goals
  • supportive documentation or evidence of new educator learning that shows how each of the Five Standards for Vermont Educators – Learning, Professional Knowledge, Colleagueship, Advocacy, and Accountability – has been addressed
  • a narrative on each piece of supporting documentation which:
    • describes the documentation or evidence (What is it?)
    • connects the documentation or evidence both to one's IPDP goals and to the Five Standards For Vermont Educators (Which goal(s) and standard(s) does it meet?)
    • reflects on the impact the documented experiences had on one's practice and/or student learning (How did the activity change your practice and impact student learning? What meaning did it have for the educator or students?)
  • new IPDP for the next relicensure cycle