2003 Re-licensing Regulations (Portfolio and IPDP)

D. The local or regional standards board shall recommend renewal of a Level II endorsement if the applicant presents a professional portfolio that includes:

  1. the current Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP);
    1. documentation of professional growth pursuant to the IPDP goals include:
      1. reflection upon new learning and its impact upon professional practice;
      2. reflection upon how changes in professional practice have impacted student performance;
      3. linkages between individual professional development goals and activities, and school action plans or improvement initiatives, as appropriate;
      4. demonstration of growth in each of the Five Standards for Vermont Educators which are in effect at the time the IPDP is approved or amended; and
      5. documentation of a minimum of nine relicensing credits per endorsement recommended for renewal. Relicensure credits should be related to the educator's IPDP goals. Certain professional development activities may apply to more than one endorsement. However, at least three relicensing credits must address the specific content knowledge and performance standards of each endorsement recommended for renewal. The local or regional standards board will determine the applicability of professional development activities and grant approval for relicensing credits based upon a presentation by the license holder of the rationale for applying certain credits and activities to particular endorsement areas and IPDP goals.
  1. evidence of any required additional licenses or credentials specific to a particular endorsement.
  2. an approved IPDP that is developed through analysis of professional practice and student learning data, and that articulates the educator's professional development goals for the ensuing licensure period. The IPDP goals shall address the content knowledge and performance standards in effect at the time the endorsements are renewed, each of the Five Standards for Vermont Educators, and the action plan or improvement initiatives of the school where the educator is employed, as appropriate.