IPDP Requirements

5421 A Level II license shall be issued, upon recommendation of a local or regional standards board, to educators who have:

a.) successfully practiced in an endorsement area for three years under a Level I license with the support of a mentor as defined by the State Board of Education in consultation with the VSBPE;

b.) submitted an approved Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) that is developed through analysis of professional practice and student learning data, and that articulates the educator's professional development goals for the ensuing licensure period. The IPDP goals shall address the content knowledge and performance standards in effect at the time of renewal for the endorsement being moved to Level II, each of the Five Standards for Vermont Educators, and the action plan or improvement initiatives of the school where the educator is employed, as appropriate;

c.) provided verification from an administrator who has supervised the educator'swork that the educator has demonstrated the competencies required by the endorsement at a professional level. The Licensing and Professional Standards Office shall provide a signature form for administrators to use for this purpose;

d.) provided documentation of any valid licenses or credentials that are required by the endorsement(s) sought.