Local Standards Board (LSB) & LICENSING


What is the Local Standards Board (LSB)?

The LSB is a committee of representatives from each school in our District that assists educators through the process of renewing their license.  They recommend educators for license renewal once the educator has successfully completed all requirements.


Who are your building representatives?

Dennis West, Chair   VUHS     [email protected] 

Tifany Babcock          FCS         [email protected]

Ralph Bernardini       VUHS     [email protected]

Rebecca Coffey          VUHS     [email protected]

Jennifer Kingsley        VUES      [email protected]

Sarah Thompson        VUHS    [email protected]



Do I have to attend the LSB meeting in order to renew my license?

No, please sumbit your paperwork using the ALiS portal from the Agency of Education.


When does the LSB look over the paperwork I submit in ALiS?

The Committee holds regular meetings on the second Tuesday of each month (September - June).


When does my renewal have to be completed by?

All licenses expiring on June 30, are due to be submitted to the LSB by March.