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 Gabe Hamilton, Director of Learning

Gabe Hamilton is the district Director of Learning.  Prior to this position, Gabe was Proficiency-based Learning Coordinator/Coach at MAUSD. Gabe also taught Middle and High school Science and Photography for 18 years in Oregon and Vermont.  Gabe is an adjunct instructor for Castleton University and Southern New Hampshire University and has taught courses and led workshops in proficiency-based learning across the state.  He holds a Master's degree in educational leadership and is a 2015 Rowland Foundation Fellow.


 Monica Desrochers, Recovery Coordinator for Equity and Inclusion

Monica Desrochers will serve in the capacity of Recovery Coordinator for Equity and Inclusion in support of the systems-level reform planned in schools post COVID-19. Monica is currently a mathematics instructional coach in Milton Town School District, and works primarily with elementary school teachers to implement high quality instruction as a universal standard for students. Additionally, she co-facilitates the Equity and Diversity committee at MTSD, to deconstruct policies using a racial justice lens, and revising them alongside a team of stake-holders to develop stronger equitable practices.


Monica has spent ten years in the public education sector as a dual-language teacher and instructional coach. Seven of those years were spent teaching in Boston Public Schools, and all of the ten years have been served in schools identified as Title 1, or having large concentrations of students in low-income households.


Monica is also currently a Doctoral student at the University of Vermont. She commits herself to researching, analyzing, and dismantling systems of exclusion within public education. Grounded in anti-oppression, she leverages her experience in public schools to ensure our work. Specifically, she aims to use research to show the impact of racism in predominantly White communities, while simultaneously offering frameworks such as Critical Race Theory and Critical Discourse Analysis to support students and educators in exposing systematic oppression, and guide their journey of anti-racism and anti-oppression.