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Notice of Records Destruction

Notice of Records Destruction




ATTN:  Vergennes Union High School graduates of 2018 who received Special Education services

The Vermont Department of Education's State Board of Education Manual of Rights and Practices, Section 2365, 2.13(a) Destruction of Information, State:

"For purposes of an audit, when a participating agency has counted a child to justify receipt of IDEA funds, the district shall retain copies of the child's IEP and Special Education eligibility evaluations, for a minimum of five years from the end of the school year in which the document was in effect."

If you were a graduate of Vergennes Union High School, received Special Education services, and graduated in 2018, you are entitled to a copy of your records.  These students have reached the age of maturity; therefore, only the student may request their record.

The Addison Northwest School District will be destroying these records on Wednesday, August 7, 2024.  If you wish a copy of your records, please contact Rachel Cornellier at or at 802-877-3332.

We must receive your request prior to August 7, 2024.