Meet The ANWSD Technology Team




Wendy Bruso, Systems Administrator

Wendy has worked in educational technology for the last 19 years, and 15 years in business technology before that. You will find Wendy’s office on the second floor at the high school. Wendy enjoys working with the systems and infrastructure of our computer network. She finds it exciting and challenging to be the silent force that keeps our systems running for everyone to use.

Thomas Haselton, Technology Support Specialist

Thomas has worked in technology support for 29 years, with 13 of those years supporting technology in education. Tom’s approach to supporting technology is often focused on finding efficiencies and setting up common-sense systems to put the right tools in the right hands along with the education to use the tools to their full potential.


Daniel Tinklepaugh, Technology Support Specialist

Joining the ANSWD team in early 2020, and with experience providing direct technical support to end users and repairing their hardware, Daniel is ready to assist in a rapidly changing educational setting with new technological needs every day. With a master’s degree in Remote Sensing and Environmental Sciences, Daniel’s research focused on using drones to map crops of Douglas Fir trees as three dimensional models. His hobbies include designing simple video game graphics, practicing calligraphy by reproducing medieval Russian manuscripts, and perfecting the art of thin-crust New York style pizza.